Testimonial from S. & L. Rebic, New York

Katie was the first violin teacher for our young daughter. The three years of her teaching were inspiring, progressive, and educational. Katie’s background in music is impressive, and the broad spectrum of knowledge of classical music - its history, composers, performers – makes learning and practicing violin an attractive journey.

Katie has a great understanding of children’s psychology in terms of approaching the issue of regular practicing, and her patience is her biggest strength. Her technical expertise coupled with artistic musicality sparks in young learners passion for playing violin at their best, and most importantly to keep them engaged in music in general.

There is one more asset that Katie brings along with her teaching, and that is sharing detailed information about future options for all those interested in playing violin on a higher level, or making the knowledge of playing violin as an advantage. She is also dedicated to preparing students well in advance of their next achievement level, making them aware of demanding tasks in the world of music with ever growing number of tough, competitive players.

Apart from her professional skills of playing and teaching violin, Katie has strong interest in violin as an instrument for itself. Having close connections with the best luthiers, researching the soul of the instruments, she leads the student through many combined aspects of violin, some of them yet to be discovered.

For all young violin players Katie is a highly recommended teacher. The most patient, knowledgeable, and engaging teacher that kids will fondly remember for life.

- S. & L. Rebic