Testimonial from M. Gullo, New York

It is my great pleasure to recommend Katie Smirnova as a violin teacher.

Katie is passionate and gifted about the violin. Her love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic performances, and also translates into her teaching techniques. She is exceedingly patient with students of all ages and levels, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one.

My daughter had taken violin lessons from Katie for about two years. We were extremely fortunate to have Katie as her first violin teacher. Along with the technical aspects of violin, Katie addresses performance techniques as well as guides my daughter to explore the musical aspects of every piece. She customizes the music and lessons to my daughter’s current skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. My daughter improved tremendously under Katie’s guidance. She started out with Katie showing her how to hold a violin two and half years ago, and now she is serving as the concertmaster of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York (Suffolk Concert Orchestra season 2017 - 2018).

Although Katie is one of the best teachers in our region, her prices are extremely reasonable. In my opinion, she is worth every penny she charges and I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money.

We were very sad when Katie moved from Long Island, New York to Rapid City. I am forever grateful to her for everything she had taught my daughter. South Dakota is very lucky to have such a wonderful violin teacher.

- M. Gullo